Collective Poem 2011

Sparkle of our hearts
Always here
Never far from thought
Dare to Believe
You will see
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And Mom so are you!
Memories kept in our hearts
of loved ones now far away.
You are safe with us in spirit
and we’ll see you again some day.

A flower, a reminder
of the beauty that we knew
that’s in our hearts forever,
the beauty that was you.

Go your way, I go mine
apart yet not far, only
a thin veil hangs between
the pathways where we are.
And God watch over
you and me, this is my prayer.
He looks your way and
He looks mine and keeps us ever near.

My Dear Cousin, more like a sister.
I sure do miss her.
I know she is an angel above.
This special day I sent her all my love.