Spirits piggybacking wind
spraying creek's rise over
lily blankets wet with Mallard play
duly parted by the grand Egret s-t-r-u-t

See her parading eternal dance
in the golden reflection

Feel his hug
in the ancients' canopies embrace

Remember their laughter
when pausing on tickling pebbles

Look closely
they smile with their whole soul
in a space where all souls are One
in a dimension we cannot see
unless we look

Their spirits piggybacking this wind
celebrating our memories
and theirs

Hear her soft voice
echo in our hearts

Hear his laughter
throughout our house

We miss them both
but they live on forever in our hearts

God thank you for this
this place and this beauty

Father is a whistle in the wind
He's the bird visiting outside my window
Pappy is a helping hand at the pond
He's a giving soul
It was always about the simple
Death can't keep them in the ground