Honor List — May 7th 2011 Ceremony


Vance and Dorothy Hutton

by David and Tillie Hutton, grandson and great grand daughter

Iris Miller

by Tammy Jacobs, grand daughter


by Meggan Swisher

Ann Wright

byDorothy S. Harrison, daughter-in-law

Carmen Bridge

by Elizabeth Mornish, friend

Alfred and Eva Girondi

by Rita Girondi, daughter

Seth Douden

byBobbi Brady, daughter

Helen Brady

by Ron Brady, son

Victor J. Thomas

byJohn V. Thomas, son

Dee Matthews

by Laurie Matthews, mom

Elsie Bienstock

by Al Bienstock, son

Gary Foster

by Amy Foster, wife

Richard Strohecker

by Stacy and Sarah, daughter and grand daughter

George Kreitzer, Sr.

by Jim Kreitzer, son

Nancy Stanbery

by Nate Silcox, brother

Ivy Paull

by Gigi Jantos, daughter

Evelyn Jantos

by Gigi Jantos, daughter-in-law

Ivy Paul and Gigi Jantos

by Melanie Reed, friend

Tracie Leachman and Nancy Bosserman

by Bill Leachman, husband and son-in-law

Diane Schrier

by Gloria Goss, cousin

Louise Simpson

by Brenda Reece, daughter

Eunice and Albert Lightner

by Lindsay Reisinger, grand daughter

Paul Reisinger

by Lindsay Reisinger, grand daughter

Alan Lightner and Cathy McMillen

by Uncle and aunt

Sandy Reece

by Kathleen Richards and Kristina Yescavage, grand daughters

Stan Looper

by Kathleen Richards, friend

Sandy Reece

by Sherry Brady, daughter

Paul Smith

by Sherry Brady, grand daughter

Carol Luther

by Diana Luther, mother

George and Leona Weigel

by George and Sue Weigel, son and daughter-in-law

Elaine Judson

by Paul, Tania, Jacob and Hannah Brungard, daughter and family

Elaine Judson

by Dave, Jonathan, Charity, and Adrienne Judson, husband and kids

Larry Schorr

by Barbara Schorr and Kathy Hughes, wife and daughter

Kaeron Semic

by Chris Loy, friend

Brian Walborn and Seth Lightner

by Lindsay Reisinger, cousin

Joseph Eager

by Kathy Woska, daughter

Gayle Eager

by Kathy Woska, daughter

Louis Woska

by Kathy Woska, daughter-in-law

Thelma and Pearl Miller

by Vickie Radle, niece

Genevieve Weigel

by George and Sue Weigel, children

Rodney Devore  

by Andrew Sheaffer, grandson  

Sherry Brooks

by Andrew Sheaffer, nephew

Dan C. Kingman

by Andrew Sheaffer, nephew

Carol Mader

by Brian Raines, brother